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Driving Is A Privilege You Can't Afford To Lose

For most people in St. Louis and the surrounding areas of Missouri, it is much more than that; it is a necessity. You need your car or truck every day. Going to work, school, running errands and shopping: What would you do if you could not drive?

If you have been stopped by law enforcement and given a ticket for a DWI/DUI, you may have to answer that question. One of the penalties for a DWI involves the suspension of your driver's license. If you fail to act quickly enough, you could lose your driving privileges. This is why it is essential that you contact The Hunt Law Firm, P.C., and speak with our experienced trial lawyer, because time is short after your arrest for DWI.

You Only Have 15 Days

In addition to potential criminal charges stemming from your DWI/DUI arrest, you also face the administrative proceeding from the Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau to revoke or suspend your license. From the date of your arrest, you only have 15 days in which to request a hearing.

If you fail to request a hearing, your license will be suspended. Period. You must contact us before the 15th day to allow our attorney time to request a hearing. A DWI/DUI arrest is confusing with administrative proceedings and the criminal charges.

We are experienced with issues, whether handling the negotiation and trial preparation for the criminal charges or dealing with the requirements of filing for a Restricted Driving Privilege (RDP) or a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP).

Contact An Experienced Trial Lawyer In St. Louis County Today!

Criminal charges of any kind can be difficult and overwhelming to deal with. We can help. Our St. Louis criminal defense lawyer can assess your charges and will work vigorously to protect your driving privileges and to keep a DWI/DUI conviction off your driving record. If you fail to contact us today, it may be too late to prevent your license revocation or suspension. Call us today so we can help at 314-993-0984.

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