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While being charged with a crime like a DWI/DUI can be overwhelming and disorienting, and may leave you frightened for your future, much of the practice of law is clerical and detailed. There are filing deadlines. There are forms that must be properly chosen, accurately completed and timely filed.

A failure with any part of this process can damage your defense, cause you to lose your license or send you to prison. When you hire The Hunt Law Firm, P.C., you can rest assured that we will make certain your defense is not compromised by administrative mistakes.

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An Aggressive Defense Attorney

Our attorney, Jackie Hunt, recognizes that the law if often unfair. Situations happen and you are suddenly facing the loss of your driving privileges, your job or time in jail. DWI/DUI charges can result from causes beyond drinking too much alcohol at a bar in St. Louis.

You may have taken a seemingly innocent prescription drug before bed, only to wake up in handcuffs and with no idea how you got into the back seat of a Missouri State Trooper's vehicle.

We bring an aggressive defense to every case, challenging any questionable element of the charges, working to weaken the prosecution's case, and allowing a dismissal or reduction in the charges you face.

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Criminal charges of any kind can be difficult and overwhelming to deal with. We can help. Our criminal defense lawyer can assess your charges and will work vigorously to protect your driving privileges and to keep a DWI/DUI conviction off your driving record.

If you fail to contact us today, it may be too late to prevent your license revocation or suspension. Call us today so we can help at 314-993-0984 or use our online form.

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