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DWI And Your Driver's License

Can You Afford To Lose Your Ability To Drive?

When we think of important rights, many people in Missouri may think of the First or Second Amendments. A few may think of the Fourth Amendment. Few may consider driving. But driving is not a right, as the License Bureau reminds us; it is a privilege.

And if you lose your driver's license because of a DWI/DUI, you will quickly find it is an enormous complication to your life. With DWI charges, there are additional worries. If you are a professional, a conviction could lead to the loss of your driver's license and your professional license, potentially damaging your career and your future.

You Only Have 15 Days — What Form Do You Need To File?

With a DWI/DUI, you face two problems. First, you only have 15 days to request a hearing with the License Bureau. If you fail, your license is automatically suspended or revoked. You also must deal with the criminal DWI charge, which for first-time offenders could lead to up to six months in jail; for a repeat offender, it could mean prison. You need an attorney, fast.

For the administrative filing, you need to decide between Form 4323 or Form 2385. They distinguish between individuals who blew greater than .08 BAC on a breath test (.02 for a minor) and those who refused to take a breath test.

This can be confusing, and the consequences for not filing or filing incorrectly can be an automatic loss of your license. It is important to file, as this enables our attorney to subpoena the arresting officer, which may be helpful in building your defense. The more chances we have to examine evidence and question procedure, the better the likelihood of reducing your charges or possibly having them dismissed.

Delays May Cost You Your License. Contact Us Now!

DWI charges can lead to many difficulties for your life, including prison. You need an attorney to represent your interests and protect your right to drive and your liberty. We can help you keep your driving privileges. Our lawyer represents clients in St. Louis, and can assess your charges and work vigorously to protect your driving privileges — and to keep a DWI/DUI conviction off your driving record.

If you fail to contact us today, it may be too late to prevent your license revocation or suspension. Call us today at 314-993-0984.

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